Blood Bag Shower Gel

Blood Bag Shower Gel
Blood Bag Shower Gel Blood Bag Shower Gel
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Yuck! But someone will find it funny! The Blood Bag Shower Gel Wouldn't you like to see the looks on your guests' faces when you lay out a fresh towel on their bed accompanied by a pouch of Blood Bag Shower Gel? The packaging and the colour of the shower gel itself are pretty convincing so upon first glance most people will probably recoil with horror (if they don't then they are clearly vampires and you should probably try to get rid of them ASAP). Once they get it in the shower though, they'll enjoy the Cherry Coke smell that wafts from the bubbles. Thanks to Robert Pattinson, vampires are a big hit this year so you can take some joy in convincing some of your more naïve female friends that the Blood Bag Shower Gel will summon him. The Blood bag Shower Gel doubles up as a perfect fancy dress accessory or Halloween decoration. Stuff someone's stocking with it or give it to your Twilight loving friends for their birthday. If you do happen to be a vampire reading this, the Blood Bag Shower Gel is in fact a toiletry product, so drinking it may clean your insides, but as real as it may look, we're afraid it won't do anything satisfy your hunger for blood. Blood Bag Shower Gel Information Blood Bath Shower Gel is a red shower gel in a blood transfusion pouch 400ml in each pack! Handy hanging loop for your shower! It measures approx 110 mm x 170 mm x 50 mm Great gifts for any weirdo's!

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